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Capital Campaign Case Study | Lexington Rescue Mission

Rescuing Lives, Restoring our City.

Vision:  In 2022, Lexington Rescue Mission (LRM) embarked on a journey to expand its current mission to help more hurting people across its entire service spectrum, rebuilding broken lives on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ. Ambitious and driven, the team at LRM knew the space they were currently in was too small and they needed a much bigger facility to accommodate the needs of the greater community of Lexington, Kentucky. A new facility would allow LRM and outside partners to provide a range of services including homeless outreach and prevention, medical and behavioral services, ex-offender reentry, and employment support. 

Pre Campaign Planning: To determine just how much was needed to construct a new facility for the Lexington Rescue Mission, LRM partnered with DickersonBakker to conduct a Feasibility Study.The results of the Study indicated that LRM could realistically expect to raise $6.5 Million Dollars. This was great news to LRM; however, they made it a mission to raise $8.5 Million Dollars, which became their campaign goal. 

The Campaign: LRM wanted to promote the peace and prosperity of Lexington and knew it needed a purpose-built space to meet the growing demand of the community and one that would allow them to bring dignity to those it serves. The new facility is a 52,000 square foot building in downtown Lexington. This space allows the LRM team to minister to those struggling with addiction, behavioral health issues, homelessness, or individuals who are otherwise vulnerable. The goal of the community center is to provide better accessibility, security, safety, and more opportunities to those who are in need within the community. 

Outcomes: Today, LRM is in the process of building out their new facility in downtown Lexington. As this campaign continues, it offers daily hope and healing to those affected in the community. Not only does this upgrade allow LRM to continue its ministry and expand its offerings, LRM is able to partner with The Isaiah House and Jubilee Jobs. Working with The Isaiah House, this partnership will address mental and behavioral health along with medical and dental needs. Jubilee Jobs will open a new job center to help more people re-enter the workforce. These partnerships will also be housed in this new facility and will aid in transformational change. By the end of April 2024, LRM raised $5 Million towards their $8.5 Million dollar campaign goal. 

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