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Firms Join Forces to ‘Power-Up’ Fundraising as Recession Looms


DickersonBakker acquires Cargill Associates; forges ‘fundraising powerhouse’ as possible U.S. recession nears

RALEIGH, N.C. — Two of America’s most prolific fundraising firms have joined forces to power up charitable giving to nonprofits, churches, and education institutions — even as a possible U.S. recession looms large.

Charitable giving in the U.S. has been growing at a record-setting pace in recent years, but a soon-to-be-released research study conducted by DickersonBakker, a national nonprofit consultancy, indicates that donors are pessimistic about the economy and charitable giving may be trending down this year as a result.

“When the economy looks like it might be headed into choppy waters, that’s the time when charities and other organizations need to focus on powering up their fundraising,” said Derric Bakker, president of DickersonBakker  (www.DickersonBakker.com).

DickersonBakker recently acquired Cargill Associates (www.CargillAssociates.com), a Dallas-area company that’s helped thousands of churches, colleges, and other groups raise billions of dollars for major building projects, known as capital campaigns.

Together, they form a fundraising powerhouse — with DickersonBakker recognized as one of the nation’s leading experts in helping nonprofits engage supporters and drive generous charitable giving.

“With Cargill Associates coming onboard, we now offer diverse and comprehensive fundraising services across the whole spectrum of nonprofits, churches, ministries, community organizations, private and Christian schools, and both faith-based and secular higher education institutions,” said Bakker.

Fostering Generosity, Helping Thousands

For nearly a half-century, Cargill Associates has specialized in helping evangelical, Protestant, and Catholic churches — as well as higher education institutions across the U.S. — foster generosity. Company founder Bob Cargill pioneered a revolutionary fundraising model that’s become the industry gold standard.

Through Cargill’s efforts, thousands of churches, colleges, and universities have been able to expand and improve their campuses, benefiting hundreds of thousands of parishioners and students.

“We expect that the powerful combination of Cargill Associates and DickersonBakker will have a multiplication effect, allowing us to help more nonprofit organizations do more good work, transforming countless lives in communities across our nation and around the world,” Bakker said.

DickersonBakker, with its headquarters in Raleigh, N.C., will combine its Dallas-area operations with Cargill Associates and operate as a single company with two distinct brands, Bakker said.


DickersonBakker (www.DickersonBakker.com) has been providing professional fund development consulting services to nonprofit organizations for more than 35 years. With offices in Texas and North Carolina, and full-time consultants in several states, the firm has served hundreds of nonprofits — particularly faith-based organizations — located across the U.S., Canada, and overseas.

Founded in 1976, Cargill Associates (www.CargillAssociates.com) is one of the longest-serving capital campaign consulting firms in the nation, helping thousands of churches, colleges, universities, and nonprofit organizations across the U.S. and Canada raise billions of dollars to build, renovate, or expand facilities, purchase land or property, advance programs, retire debt, and grow endowments.

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