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Chad Haney: Exploring the Motivation of Our Senior Development Consultant

This week’s edition of “Meet Our Team Monday”  features one of the newest members of the DickersonBakker family, Senior Development Consultant, Chad Haney.  With more than 20 years of experience serving ministries and nonprofits around the globe, Chad brings more than his extensive knowledge of fundraising to our team; he brings a genuine enthusiasm & passion for philanthropy and the clients he serves. We sat down with Chad last week to get to know him a little better. Let’s see what he had to say during our Meet Our Team Interview.

Can you describe your current role as a Senior Development Consultant?

In my role I work with organizations to plan and execute feasibility studies and capital campaigns. There is a blend of art and science that makes this work exciting. 

What does a ‘day in the life of Chad’ look like?

My best days are spent visiting with clients. It could be an initial on-site meeting where I get to learn about the mission and ministry of an organization, conducting feasibility study interviews where I get the chance to hear from a community about how they feel about an organization, or attending steering committee meetings where we talk about the progress of a campaign and plan next steps. 

What drives your passion for your craft?

I’ve always been a connector. I love when I hear from a donor that they have a passion for making a difference, say in the area of homelessness, and then I get to share with them about the work a local mission is doing. Getting to see a donor’s passions align with organizational priorities is a blessing. 

What’s your best bit of advice to share with nonprofit leaders?

Tell your story and ask for help. Do not assume people in your community know what you do. People may know your name and your logo, but they do not necessarily know what happens within your organization. Then don’t be afraid to tell people some of your challenges and what is needed to overcome them. Talking about a challenge is not a weakness. The honest assessment of your situation is a sign of strength and opens doors for people to make a difference. 

What do you like to do after work?

We are a musical family. My wife and I have two boys and both are involved in a variety of musical activities. Our oldest is majoring in musical theatre performance in college and our youngest plans on pursuing a degree in piano. They always have a concert or some other kind of performance on the calendar and my wife and I try to attend all of them. 

What is a fun or interesting fact about you?

I have been a church pianist and music director for over twenty years. I love using my gifts in worship!

Learn more about Chad, read his professional biography and how he uses his experience to help his clients achieve their goals!

About the Series: ‘Meet Our Team Monday’ is a spotlight on one of our team members, offering you an exclusive look into the diverse and skilled group of individuals who collaborate with DickersonBakker clients on a daily basis. We take pride in assembling a team of professionals from across the country, who possess not only extensive experience in the nonprofit and Christian ministry sectors but also a proven history of enabling their clients to attain greater success.

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