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Two Proven Approaches to Selecting the “Right” Goal for Your Church’s Capital Campaign

There are many decisions to be made when planning a capital campaign at your church. A few are so critical that they can make or break the success of your campaign before you even get started. For most people, success or failure boils down to one question: “Did we meet our goal?” Hence goal-setting is one the most important decisions you will make. Selecting an appropriate goal can be tricky, however. Set it too high and you risk falling short. Set it too low and you run a risk that people may not be motivated to give to their full potential and you may sacrifice the excitement, momentum, and abundance of resources that come when a community collectively stretches to reach a bold vision. This article outlines two proven approaches to selecting the “right” goal for your capital campaign, as well as some time-tested tips about how NOT to do it.

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