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Four Fundamental Factors to Figuring Out the Ideal Timing for your Church Capital Campaign

Churches today are busier than ever. When it comes to figuring out the timing of your church’s next capital campaign, a church calendar jam-packed with year-round activities is only one of the challenges you will encounter. The question of “timing” is in fact not just one question but four, wrapped together into that one simple word:

  • What time of year should we launch our church’s capital campaign?
  • How much lead time will we need to plan and prepare in advance?
  • How long will it take to complete our campaign?
  • How far ahead of commencing construction should we begin?

Timing is one of the most challenging issues churches face in planning a capital campaign, and this whitepaper article unpacks each of these four fundamental questions one at a time to help you figure out the ideal timing for your church’s next campaign.

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