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Before I started working for Dickerson, Bakker & Associates, I was employed at an eCommerce company as a blogger. I had to write five blog posts a week on dog products. Boy, did that put my creative writing major to the test! There’s only so much you can say about dog nail polish, and it’s REEEALLY hard convincing people that nail polish will change their dog’s life.

I’d come home, and my husband would ask me how my day went. I’d flop onto the couch and say, “Well, I made a compelling argument for why poppin’ purple nail polish will increase your dog’s self-esteem.” Don’t get me wrong, it was a great company and a reliable job. But it was extremely difficult for me to find any meaning in my work.

I know working at a nonprofit has its own challenges. You often don’t have enough money or enough staff or enough space. It can be a high-stress job that has all sorts of limitations. But what’s beautiful about working at a nonprofit is that your work has meaning. You can go home at the end of the day, flop on the couch, and tell your spouse (or roommate, or cat) about the impact you had that day.

There are all kinds of people who spend hours of their day entering meaningless data, cutting up chicken parts, or putting food in grocery bags. Trust me, I’ve had plenty of those jobs, and they aren’t very gratifying. Despite the challenges of working at a nonprofit, you can rest in the fact that what you did today mattered.

I’d trade a sassy sparkle pawdicure for that any day.

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