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How to Inspire Your Community to Join Your Capital Campaign

David captured the hearts of and inspired the entire nation of Israel to join a capital campaign to build the Temple in 1 Chronicles.

Is your organization inspiring your community to join your capital campaign because they believe in what you’re doing?

Are you still inspired by what you’re doing?

Sometimes I wonder if we have gotten comfortable, or afraid, or maybe even worse, apathetic. We do things that we can attain, we shoot for goals that are too low. It seems we’ve forgotten how to be God-sized.

God Inspired David’s Capital Campaign

I believe that David captured the heart of the people for two reasons.

1. God had captured David’s heart.

He heard the idea from God and listened when God told him to build the Temple in order that He could dwell with His people.

2. David believed.

He believed God could accomplish the building of the Temple through His people.

David Inspired His Community

David wasn’t perfect—far from it! But David believed. His power did not come from himself, it came from a heart that chased God.

God wants that same thing for us and our ministries. He desires to accomplish great things through us! He wants our ministries to proclaim His love, His righteousness and His hope to our nation.

Do you know why you are doing what you’re doing? Do you know what inspires you to go to work each day and inspire other people? Does God have your heart? Has he inspired you with a God-Sized “Why” and do you believe in it?

Inspire Your Community

I want to challenge you to look at what your capital campaign fundraising efforts communicate. Are you motivating people through manipulation or inspiring them to become a part of something worth sacrifice?

Let’s talk more about how you can inspire your community to join your capital campaign. Contact us today >>

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