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Joining Together to Serve You Better

Dickerson & Associates Inc. and Keystone Major Gift Consulting are pleased to announce that effective January 2012 they have merged to become one firm, Dickerson, Bakker & Associates.

Dickerson & Associates and Keystone Consulting have worked within many of the same markets, particularly in the faith-based arena. While there is some overlap of services, each firm specializes in unique and different areas. Dickerson & Associates’ signature area of expertise is in Capital Campaigns, Annual Giving Program Development, and Interim Staffing for development positions. Keystone Major Gift Consulting’s primary area of expertise is in the area of Major Gift Development and Executive Search and Recruitment. We share a philosophy of developing long-term partnership with clients, and by joining forces we are able to provide a broader continuum of expertise and services to those we are privileged to partner with.

As one of the foremost professionals in the field, this merger will allow Clark Dickerson to leverage his thirty-five-plus years of professional consulting experience for maximum benefit to our clients. In his new role as Founder/Consulting Team Leader, Clark will focus his time and attention on serving clients, both as Primary Counsel and as Co-Counsel with other members of our consulting team, ensuring that each of our clients receives the highest levels of quality of service.

As President, Derric Bakker will maximize his business experience and training to focus on growing and developing the firm to ensure consistency of service and to keep us on the cutting edge of innovative solutions to today’s challenges. Derric and Clark will share responsibilities for marketing and new business development, so you can expect to often see them together at many of the conferences and events where you are accustomed to meeting them.

Importantly, current clients can expect to have no disruption of service during this merger. Any change in the future will be a positive one… as this new arrangement opens up new opportunities for us to serve you in ways that may not have been possible before.

We hope you are as excited about this new opportunity as we are! Please don’t hesitate to contact either Clark Dickerson, Founder/Consulting Team Leader or Derric Bakker, President to discuss this merger and/or to discover how the merger of these two great companies enables them to serve you better than ever before.

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