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Local Business Owner Derric Bakker Named to NSBA Leadership Council

Raleigh, NC – Derric Bakker, President of DickersonBakker was recently named to the National Small Business Association (NSBA) Leadership Council. NSBA is the nation’s oldest small-business advocacy organization, and operates on a staunchly nonpartisan basis. Bakker, a recognized leader in the small-business community, joins the NSBA Leadership Council alongside other small-business advocates from across the country as they work to promote the interests of small business to policymakers in Washington, D.C.

“As a small-business owner, I see daily the importance of being involved and active when it comes to laws and regulation,” stated Bakker. “Joining NSBA’s Leadership Council will enable me to take our collective small-business message to the people that need to hear it most: Congress.”

Bakker spent the early years of his career honing his craft working at three different nonprofit organizations. In 2001 he shifted into consulting. Over most of the next decade Bakker provided consulting services to dozens of different nonprofit organizations. In 2010 Bakker started his own consulting firm, which became DickersonBakker after a merger with Clark Dickerson’s Denver-based firm in 2012. Since then, he has served as President of DickersonBakker. Under his leadership, Bakker has fostered a culture at DickersonBakker that has been magnetic to talent, enabling the company to build a nationally recognized team of over forty highly skilled full-time professionals, who collectively serve well over a hundred different nonprofit organizations each year. With over three decades' experience across multiple sectors of the industry he is also now a sought-after expert on strategy and organizational development.

Bakker joined the NSBA Leadership Council as part of his efforts to tackle the many critical issues facing small business, including tax reform, regulatory restraint, health care costs and how access to capital will impact small business. The NSBA Leadership Council is focused on providing valuable networking between small business advocates from across the country while ensuring small business a seat at the table as Congress and regulators take up key small-business proposals.

“I am proud to have Derric Bakker as part of our Leadership Council,” stated NSBA President and CEO Todd McCracken. “He came to us highly recommended and I look forward to our coordinated efforts for years to come.”

For more on the NSBA Leadership Council, please visit www.nsba.biz

Founded in 1985, DickersonBakker has an unbroken track record of providing consulting services to nonprofit clients for nearly 40 years. The firm has helped thousands of organizations raise billions of dollars through capital campaigns and provides a number of other consulting services, including fund development, executive search, and grant services. With corporate offices in both North Carolina and Texas and consulting team offices across the country, DickersonBakker partners with groups throughout the United States as well as in Canada and overseas.

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