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Meet Our Team Monday: 10 Questions with Grant Development Specialist, David Broussard

We are officially at the half-way mark of our “Meet Our Team Monday” series! This week we sat down with Vice President & Grant Services Team Leader, David Broussard. In addition to speaking fluent French, Dave has nearly 20-years of experience in the grant development field under his belt. This experience has made him an established industry expert and a leader for organizations across the globe and especially for our DBA team!

Here is what Dave had to say when we sat down with him & asked our 10 “Meet our Team Monday” questions:

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  1. What did you do before joining Dickerson, Bakker & Associates? 

    I’ve been working in development since 1997, so my entire career has been in fundraising.  Before joining DBA, my full-time job was working as a Grants and Research Officer at the WellStar Foundation – a supporting organization for a 5-hospital healthcare system outside of Atlanta. At the same time, I was growing Impact France – an organization I started in 2005 – to mobilize prayer and financial resources for native French ministries (where 30% of the population are atheists, 10% are Muslim, and barely 1% of the population are Evangelicals with practicing Catholics at 1.9% of the population).  Before that, I worked in Washington, DC for several political and social nonprofits. 

  2. Where did you go to college? 

    I went to Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, where I majored in French.  It was during my junior year abroad that I came to faith in Christ while living in France.  I also attended the University of Toulouse – Mirail and took German classes at the Goethe Institute.

  3. How did you hear about Dickerson, Bakker & Associates? 

    When it became obvious that my time at WellStar was over, I reached out to some colleagues and friends in the development sector.  It was through conversations with two colleagues that I became aware of Dickerson, Bakker and the work they were  doing in serving Christian ministries.

  4. What made you decide to come work for Dickerson, Bakker & Associates? 

    You know, it’s really amazing to me when I look back on it. I actually never thought I would be using my skills for the Kingdom outside of my work with French ministries. When I witnessed the caliber of talent & professionalism that Dickerson, Bakker possessed – it was an easy decision to join the team! The opportunity to join DBA perfectly aligned with the work I had been doing with Impact France and so I took it.

  5. What do you look forward to most when starting to work with a new client? 

    I love meeting new people, but what I really look forward to is exploring the diverse ways to increase their foundation funding.  I’m passionate about institutional giving and I’ve found that there are always creative engagement strategies that most organizations haven’t even considered.  Unfortunately, some people have the idea that grant work is just writing or “filling out forms.” However, to establish an investment partnership with a foundation or other funding group requires creative thinking – looking for unique ways to accomplish what the giver’s objectives are. 

  6. What is one goal you hope to achieve with a client when starting a new project? 

    When I start a new project I always hope to enhance their understanding of how professional givers work.  We are building the Kingdom together, and understanding everyone’s part in that is essential.

  7. What is your favorite part about being a part of Dickerson, Bakker & Associates? 

    For me, the best part about being at DBA is that the work is pure and concentrated.  There is no “fluff” or busy work – everything I do must bring value and forward progress to the clients I serve.  If it’s not, I don’t do it.  This is extremely fulfilling because I feel like every minute I spend is truly invested in growing ministries. 

  8. What’s the best/craziest thing that has happened to you out in the field? 

    Well, I’ll opt for “craziest” here :)… When I worked in Washington, D.C., I was on the 5th floor of a building near L’Enfant Plaza, where I had a nice view across the Potomac.  On 9/11, I remember looking up and seeing smoke coming from the direction of the Pentagon.  A few minutes later, someone came in and told me that DC was under attack and we all had to leave.  There was no cell service due to the chaos of the city so, a friend offered to give me a ride which I quickly accepted. Traffic was terrible & left us sitting at a standstill right in front of the Capitol building (on 3rd street) – I’ll never forget looking around to see complete chaos caused by all of the people around me freaking out. It was at that moment when we all heard the sound of planes flying overhead & at that moment, the entire world froze. The frantic chaos had turned to deafening silence as we waited to have a visual of what we were hearing. When we realized that the sound heard was that of U.S. Fighter jets flying overhead, there was a palpable sigh of relief that could be felt in the air.  

  9. What is one thing about you that might surprise people? 

    I had a radio show in college called “Psychotherapy.”  One night after dinner, the radio station manager called me into a private meeting with the student leaders of the station.  Despite the positive feedback from students and appreciation for my work from the station leaders, the Trustees had heard a portion of my show that day and asked the dean of the college to fire me immediately. The show’s content was too extreme and inappropriate.  No examples were given.

  10. What is there anything else you’d like people to know? 

    I believe that giving is the key to fully experience God.  It is the only concrete act that truly breaks the consumer/idol/Mammon power in our world.  Praying won’t do it alone – you’ve got to act. Yet, we have a poverty mentality that invades every space of life – this idea that somehow there’s “not enough” or that there is a limited pie and we need to get “our slice.” In fact, that poverty mindset is probably the biggest lie that we believe today.  It is this lie that drives our economy, our decisions, our fears…  When we realize that God has placed the resources in our hands for the purposes that He wills in the timing that He has, and that He is able to increase those resources, we are able to fully participate in his Kingdom.

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About the Series: Over the next few months, we will do a weekly feature of one of our team members giving you ‘insider access’ to our group of unique & talented folks who are in the field working with DBA clients day in & day out. We are proud to have built a team of industry experts from across the nation who not only know the in’s & out’s of the business but have a demonstrated track record of achieving real success. 

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