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Three Important Trends That WILL Impact Your Church’s Next Capital Campaign, Whether You Realize It or Not

When was the last time your church conducted a capital campaign? “The times they are a’changing!” was a well-known anthem of the sixties that could just as easily have been written today. If you are considering a capital campaign now, then it’s probably been at least a few years, maybe as many as five, ten or more since your last campaign. Whether you realize it or not, a lot has changed since then. Our firm has three decades of experience conducing hundreds of capital campaigns that have collectively raised hundreds of millions of dollars. We have helped churches of every size and type. For most of those thirty years–other than what technology afforded–not a whole lot changed in the way churches conducted capital campaigns. That’s no longer the case. In recent years we have observed three trends in particular that WILL have a significant impact on the way you conduct the next capital campaign at your church. This article explores those trends and explains what you must do to navigate them successfully.

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