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What kind of organizations succeed with Mid Level Donor Cultivation Programs?

Although Mid-Level Donor Cultivation Programs show strong return in a short period of time, these programs may not be right for your organization right now.

Overall, a successful Mid-Level Donor Cultivation Program starts with roughly 1,000 donors who give between $750 and $10,000 per year in one of the last two years.

Media Ministries: Christian Radio and Broadcast Teaching

Radio, Television, and Broadcast Teaching program ministries can see significant returns from a Mid-Level Donor Cultivation Program. Donors long for a two-way relationship with these media ministries and the Mid-Level program brings interaction.

Specifically, media ministries can see Lift among monthly sustaining givers as well as occasional (one to four times per year) givers.

Global Missions

Many Global Missions donors may rely on personal relationships or a personal tie to a specific mission field. Mid-Level programs create a more consistent connection with the mission field work through a Mid-Level representative’s call.

Often, Global Missions find Lift from occasional givers and monthly givers, asking for that extra gift to the field.

Higher Education

Universities, Colleges and Bible Colleges use Mid-Level programs to increase the bond with alumni and community donors. Mid-Level representatives report on the impact of graduates of the alma mater as well as current community impact.

Mid-Level representatives help occasional donors (one through four gifts per year) see opportunities to grow impact with the institution.

Are you unsure if a Mid-Level Donor Program can help your organization strengthen your relationships with Mid-Level Donors?  Contact us today to discuss how we can help your organization with a Mid-Level Donor Cultivation Program.

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