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Why Your Campaign Should Budget for a Party

Once you reach your campaign goal, it’s tempting to close-up shop and return to normal life. However, there’s a reason the last phase of a campaign is called the “Celebration Phase.” All successful campaigns should have a party.

Some of you probably blanch at the thought. “But, that money should be used to stock the pantry or go toward our new building! Not streamers.” However, celebrating your campaign will do three big things for your agency that you wouldn’t have the chance to do otherwise:

Recognize Donors

You wouldn’t be where you are without your donors’ money. A campaign celebration gives you the opportunity to publicly thank your donors and tangibly show what their money did. If they feel unappreciated or that their money disappeared into the abyss, they won’t be giving again. A celebration gives them concrete results and thanks them in a big way.

Cultivate Donors

Campaigns are great because they bring in a lot of new donors. A party not only thanks these new donors, but it transitions them from being a campaign donor to an annual donor. Celebrating with your new donor cultivates a relationship with them and solidifies loyalty.

Brand Your Agency

A celebration also brands your agency with success in the community’s mind. In your celebration, you can show people the lofty goal you made and how you met that goal. It shows the community that you capable of big things, and more importantly, that you can be trusted with their money.

Although moving costs and installing furniture might seem a more urgent place to invest your time, having a campaign celebration is also a wise investment of resources. So host an open house in your new space, invite the community, and make it a party to remember.  Themes are fun too: black tie or barn dance, Sinatra or safari, it’s time to celebrate.  Besides, you and your team have worked hard.  You deserve to let loose a bit and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Need help getting to the party hat phase? Dickerson, Bakker & Associates will jump start your campaign and walk with you until the end. DBA will give you strategies for making your event memorable. Contact us today.

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