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How to Conquer Leadership Struggles with a Coach

In early 2010 I started a counseling network. Then, later that same year, my brother and I decided to merge with an organization for men struggling with addiction. Together we were able to provide a Christ-centered recovery center. We relaunched with a new name: Converting Hearts Ministries.

From the fall of 2010 to Dec 31, 2011, I raised money as I’ve never raised it before.

We grew the organization by 1000% in 16 months.

I was elated by the growth and felt successful. But, here was my leadership struggle: What do I do now?

How I Conquered My Leadership Struggles

You see, I love building, revitalizing, and growing things. But managing Board and staff relationships and developing infrastructure is not my strong suit.

I needed a leadership coach to help me conquer some leadership struggles.

Dr. Scott Wagner was a strategic/operational consultant to organizations like Duke. He had recently taken a brand-new seminary to achieve full accreditation in three short years!

I wanted his help on two levels:

  1. To help me bring order to the chaotic culture at Converting Hearts.
  2. To become a major gift partner to Converting Hearts.  (read more on that here)

How a Coach Helped Me

Dr. Wagner graciously agreed to meet with me once a week to mentor and train me in strategic planning, quality management, and process improvement. He coached me for about a year and helped me put processes in place and think strategically about the culture at Converting Hearts.

He helped me determine what we were really the best at—and prioritize our innovative ideas into three buckets of “could do,” “should do,” and “will do”. This gave us a process to continue coming up with new ways to help the men in our programs without trying to put every idea into place immediately.

So, what are the leadership struggles you’re facing now? Let’s talk about how a coach could help you conquer those struggles so your organization could run more smoothly and impact more people.

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