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Called2Action LIVE from AGRM CounterCulture 2016: Highlights from the Broadcasts

Last month I had a special opportunity to interview leaders of rescue missions while guest-hosting live,remote broadcasts of Steve Noble’s “Called2Action” radio show during the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (AGRM) convention in Jacksonville, Florida.

I first got into radio in 2010 and have been guest-hosting for Steve since 2011.

Shawn Saunders Guest Hosts Called2Action from AGRMDuring AGRM, I was given unprecedented access to interview some of the country’s top rescue mission & ministry executives including Jack Crowley, president of Water Street Mission in Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Steve Whitaker, president and CEO of John 3:16 Mission in Tulsa, Oklahoma; AGRM president John Ashmen; Dennis Van Kampen, CEO and Executive Director of Mel Trotter Ministries in Grand Rapids, Michigan; and Jim Reese, President and CEO of Atlanta Mission in Atlanta, Georgia.

I spoke with these leaders about the power of the transformative charity model in their rescue missions—and how Dickerson, Bakker & Associates is helping them invest in their development programs.

The Most Powerful Moments from the Broadcasts

Jim Reese of Atlanta Mission spoke of how he left the business world because God asked him if he would serve the least of these with the fervency that he had shown in the secular world. He teared up in the interview—saying, “I cry every time I think about it.” So that was probably the most special moment, just seeing his heart and seeing why he does what he does.

I also got to see a different side of Jack Crowley of Water Street Mission. With Jack, I discovered he had actually moved into an area of Lancaster, Pa. where he was serving. It reinforced what I already knew about Jack though—his heart for the gospel and passion for walking alongside those who struggle in a relational capacity.

The Move to the Transformative Charity Modelmission blog1

Rescue missions are starting to adopt the transformative model philosophy. There’s no coincidence that Atlanta Mission and Water Street Mission are really investing in their development programs in proportion to what they’re doing. To do what they’re doing is costly, because it requires more human capital, any way you shake it out. It’s really investing in their development programs, their major gifts program through Dickerson, Bakker & Associates.

I think other missions probably struggle with, while they aspire to have transformative models, obtaining the resources requires what we teach at Dickerson-Bakker of relational fundraising and major gifting. It’s discipleship at its best. But it’s not a quick fix. There are a number of missions who want to do it and need to beef up their development so they can do it.

The AGRM broadcasts aired live on The Truth Network in 8 markets and in syndication on 30 stations. The AGRM broadcast with Atlanta Mission CEO Jim Reese will re-air on an upcoming Saturday between noon and 1 p.m. on FaithTalk Atlanta 590

Can’t wait to hear the re-broadcast? Check out the full lineup of interviews here & be sure to leave your comments below!

Day 1: Tuesday, June 7th:Is My Charity Toxic or Transformative?

Audio Player
Called2Action Live from the Association of Gospel Rescue Mission’s CounterCulture 2016. Day 1 features interviews with Jack Crowley, President of Water Street Mission and Steve Whitaker, President & CEO of John 3:16 Mission as Shawn poses the topic of Toxic charity.

Day 2: Wednesday, June 8th: “Beyond Toxic Charity to Transformative Charity”

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Called2Action Live from the Association of Gospel Rescue Mission’s CounterCulture 2016. Day 2  continues the discussion of toxic charity & moving beyond that into transformative charity as the interviews the President of the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions, John Ashman; President & Executive Director of Mel Trotter Ministries, Dennis Van Kamp; and President & CEO of Atlanta Mission, Jim Reese.

If you experience problems listening to the broadcasts here, please let us know & we’ll make sure you get a copy of the podcast(s).

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