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Want to know how I grew one major gift partnership?

In one of my other blogs, I’ve talked about Dr. Scott Wagner and how he coached me in strategic planning, quality management, and process improvement for my nonprofit—Converting Hearts Ministries. (You can read more about that in the updated post here >>) Want to know how I grew this relationship into a major gift partnership?

What Came From This Partnership

Two beautiful things came from this relationship:

  1. I received some incredible leadership coaching that helped me move my organization forward.
  2. I cultivated a major gift partnership with Dr. Wagner for Converting Hearts.

How I Grew Our Major Gift Partnership

Here’s how I grew my major gift partnership with Dr. Wagner:

  • I shared the vision.

After a couple of months of meeting to mentor and train me, Dr. Wagner started showing up with $500, $1,000, $2,000, $5,000, and even $10,000 checks.  

  • I showed him how he could help.

About four months into the coaching, I took him for a tour of our farm and asked if he’d like to teach apologetics (which was also his forte) to our men who were recovering from an addiction. He excitedly said yes.  

  • I asked him for a deeper commitment.

Six months into our relationship, I asked him if he would attend our Board meeting to talk about the time he had spent teaching the men and how they had responded.  He did so and shortly after joined the Board and remains a member even today.  

As a Development professional, you can find major donor potential in so many places. Don’t be afraid to share and connect people to your organization’s vision.

Want to know more about growing deeper major gift partnerships for your organization? Contact us today.

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